Monday, January 7, 2008

Already Bored

It's not even a week into this thing and I'm already bored. Of course, that's not the point. The point is that I want to write more, get the free flow of ideas out, and hopefully think more clearly.

In film news today, I figured out how to make one of my characters in the new script I'm writing, Red Bicycle, more interesting. Unfortunately, I feel awful and the BCS game is on tonight so I'm going to take a nap, head over to Jon's, my buddy, and watch. There's nothing better than two undeserving teams playing each other to rekindle a love of football for an entire week.

I'm not really sure how long these things are supposed to be, but I feel like this isn't done near long enough. So, with that in mind, I'm just going to start free-writing in hopes of finding a good topic.

I feel like I want to talk about red bicycle, and my writing process. I call it the "Groove On It" Process. This, unlike most writers, means I'm not gonna do a lot of pre-writing. What I do is I just think about it in my spare time, until I have some sort of interesting framework in my head. Then, I start writing. It doesn't have to be Shakespeare, or even Killer Nerd, at this point. All it needs to do is have the characters and relative action right. If those things are wrong, then I go back, scrap that scene, and try again. When it feels right, then I move on. It's kind of weird and not what we are taught, but I find the more rules I know, the more I am able to successfully break them. And that is the lesson for the day. It's important, critically important, to know the rules, to study the need for certain things, to not think that you're idea is better than every idea to come before you, to not think that you can reinvent the wheel. The truth is, the wheel will never be re-invented, the most innovative people are the ones that take the wheel, and add radials to it, or make them bigger, better, stronger, faster.

These are the people that know the rules they are breaking, and bend them to their advantage. And that's a little bit of advice to everyone out there.

More coming on my tightness.