Thursday, January 14, 2010

Chopping Wood

23 pages into the first draft today. 2+ pages through the outline. It's coming down. I'm only looking at a 180 page screenplay now on the first draft, down from 400.

As predicted, I've been getting on a roll lately with the writing. Now that I know the characters, they keep speaking to me. Writer's block be damned. I'm writing mostly junk, specifically for one of my characters whose characterization is all wrong, but at least he's a minor character. Plus, that's stuff I don't have to think about for a couple weeks until I'm done with banging out this draft. I found a pace that works for me, since the only real writing time I have is during lunch, and I can crank out 5 terribly inadequate pages in that time. I'm very lucky that in my mind, pages don't have to start taking shape until the 3rd or 4th draft.

I'm still looking at more rewriting for the web series and producers engaging in rewrites for my feature and TV shows, but for now I can bowl ahead with the script and at least be writing something. I'm actually thinking about turning this into a book now. I think it could be good. Writing delusions, you are my best friend.