Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Act 2's butt kicked

It's getting a little sad how quickly I'm kicking this script's butt. After a slow go at first, my speed picked up. I'm 87 pages through the first pass in 2 weeks. 4 pages left to go in my outline. At this point, I'm not even bothering to write dialog or good action blocks, I just want to get it done, scrap my outline document, and work straight from the script.

I actually have, for the most part, liked this process, but I'm hoping where it will really be helpful is in rewriting. When I don't work from an outline, at least 3 drafts are spent just getting to a coherent structure, moving things around and making them work. With this process, I'm hoping I can get to the right structure much quicker. In general, also, I like the script as much as I thought I would on the surface. There's a ton of rewrite work to do and I'm not going to be able to work as fast when I actually have to craft the scenes, but I'm overwhelmingly positive about this draft so far.

I'll probably finish it up in about a week or so, depending on my schedule. There is no holiday weekend, so I won't be writing 40 pages in three days this weekend. I think I can finish during lunches this week, but I'm not sure. Definitely by next week, I think I'll be done this pass.