Sunday, June 29, 2008

Dealing with Rejection

Piggibacking on my last post, I am not an expert on getting a job, but I am an expert on Rejection. To date, I have sent out over 800 emails, query letters, job applications, submission applications, etc. Also to date, I have heard back from a grand total of 3 positive responses. One job interview that eventually fell through b/c the company didn't have the fund to support the function. One job interview where I was told that I would not be strung along, but if I was at least I would be told I was being strung along, and one intern possibility.

After EP-ing films, producing movies, and directing TV, those are the only three positive recognitions that I received. Now, I have a 34000 dollar loan, a car, and two cell phones, not to mention rent, gas, utilities, bunnies, etc. And I have a bank account that started at 30000 and is now down to 3000 in a month. are some tips to deal with rejection:

1. Drink--A pretty good short term solution, but it wastes money, and you never wake up feeling better.

2. Keep plugging away, while working at Starbucks-- a sensible solution for everyone involved. You still get to think you're living the dream, while you make some money. However, the problem with this is your job interferes with auditions, writing, directing, or anything that you would like to do with your time.

3. Don't work and network constantly--This is a great solution for someone with some money. You can get your bearing in this situation, network, get your script/reel out there, and get some good leads. However, if you don't have the goods, don't bother. You will just be spending money, spinning your wheels, and you won't get anywhere. Even with a good script, you will get many more rejections than successes.

So, those are the big three. And then there is some combination. For myself, I am livin' the dream, hoping that I don't get a rejection from starbucks.