Monday, January 4, 2010


So, I haven't written anything recently except outlines, treatments, rewrites, and blog entries. Mainly, nothing impressive or important. It's not because I don't have something to write. I actually have a banged out 18 page outline which I can start writing tonight if I wanted.

Why? I tell people it's because I'm blocked, but I think it's because I'm scared. Right now, I'm at a place in my career where I should be (in my mind) be selling a script. 9.5 features, a bunch of tv, web series, produced movies, options, etc. Plus, I'm turning 28 this year, and almost everyone I respect broke around 28. So, it's a little nerve-racking.

I'm not really giving out advice. I'm going to try something new this year on this blog. I'm just going to be honest. No advice, just my thoughts. I'm scared of this year as much as I am excited. Now, I'm going back to work.