Sunday, January 6, 2008


As i mentioned, not everything in my blog is going to be film related. My goal is simply to create a blog a day about something in my life. If I can hone in on film 9 days out of ten I'll be happy, but if it's one day out of ten, I'll still reach my goal.

So, the Steelers, my Homeboys, played the Jaguars last night. And I was home, at my mother's house in VA. Right by her house there is a great sports bar with has about 30 70 inch hd tvs, and the steelers game was playing on ALL of them. I called up a few of my friends and we all met right after the Redskins game. Now, the skins lost, but that didn't stop the skin's faithful from chanting "hail to the redskins" about 30 times.

BAck to the game, it's a game the steelers were destined to lose. Home play-off game, Rothlisberger playing piss-poor, against the only team to beat them at home in the regular season. And, apparently the defense got that memo b/c the jags ran rough-shot over the steelers through the entire game, except inexplicably during the fourth quarter when the passed while up by 18. But, three picks in the first half by Big Ben was just too much to get up from, despite coming back and actually being up 29-28 after rallying from an 18 pt. deficit.

The major problem, however, was that for the league's best defense, the Jags had a 96 yd. td run, average an ungodly yac on the ground, and got a huge gain from a designed qb draw on 4th and 2 that won the game for Jacksonville.

It shows that the stats lie often, and as I predicted weeks ago, the Steelers D would crumble in the playoffs, much like the almost crumbles to not win their division. Any team that loses to Baltimore, 2nd string or not, does not deserve to win a playoff game.

In other news, the Skins lost. After 4 wins in a row including a 21-pt win in dallas, many were saying Sean Taylor (#21) was with the team. After their loss yesterday, my friend texted me this message:

"Redskins lose by 21. Must be a sign...That they actually suck"

Eat it 'skins.

To bring it around the film. Both stories had interesting story archs. In both games, the Seahawks/Jaguars got out to big leads. In both games, the Steelers/Redskins rallied to lead by 1 point. But, unlike a hollywood story, in the waning seconds, the rallies were not enough, stamped out by 2 pick 6's for Washington and a waning seconds field goal by Jacksonville/fumble by Big Ben.

If this were The Replacements or Varsity Blues, or a movie, in the final seconds, down by a score, a miraculous play or hook and ladder would have saved the day. But this ain't a movie, and you ain't Keanu Reeves. Hell, apparently you ain't even Boise State.

Coming up...More of me being tight.

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