Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Questions Answered

Another Question came through the comments section, and I'm all too happy to answer.

Blogger Rob said...

One thing I don't get about this advice, and it may be obvious to you, is that you stick to the same genre. Don't you want to demonstrate to someone that you are flexible enough to do different things?

As loyal Grinders know, we did go over this several posts ago, but since I'm SOOO bad at labeling posts, I'm more than willing to do a quick refresher.

The simple answer is because an agent/manager is going to want to package you as a "type" of writer. Eli Roth is the Horror guy, Kevin Smith is the filthy guy, and David Lynch is the weird guy, and so on down the line. So, when an agent looks in your direction, they're going to want to know what they're selling and why they should be selling you. If you only have one script, or your like buckshot all over the place, agents have a hard time packaging you to producers.

The other answer is because a writer wants to get on the list; to be THE go-to guy for a specific genre; or at least on the short list for that genre. That way, when producers (okay, producer's assistants) make their lists of who they want to interview for an assignment in your genre, they immediately think of you. If you're not on the list, you don't get called for the assignment, and you don't get paid.

So what kind of writer are you?

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