Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Correction : HUSTLE

Try as I might, I missed that hustle IS coming back for a fifth season. Thanks Spec Odyssey for the note. See the press release here. Get your DVRs ready.

In my defense, I read from several sources that the series was cancelled.

From Wiki, the all-knowing source of all things*

Following much media speculation, including reports of the programme being cancelled and a motion picture spin-off,[6] the BBC announced on 12 June 2008 that Hustle had been recommissioned for a fifth series. Adrian Lester will return, alongside Robert Glenister and Robert Vaughn,[7] although Marc Warren and Jaime Murray will not appear.[4]

The fifth series has been referred to as a "relaunch" by lead director James Strong[8] and will feature Matt Di Angelo,[9] Bill Bailey and Patrick Bergin[10] as guest stars.

Even futoncritic is confused, calling the show canceled.

Okay, enough defending. That's the most recent scoop.


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Spec Odyssey said...

No probs. We're big fans of The LA Grind from across the pond!