Wednesday, January 13, 2010

That was exhausting

Let me tell you, if you ever have a chance to deliver a new script in 3 days...pass. Luckily the script was only 17 pages long, 6 episodes (of which I only rewrote 5), but the pace was long and rewriting is always a crapshoot for me. I tend to write fast and then see what I wrote and say "this is good". I step back and come back and say...this is sh*t, tear it down and start fresh. That process continues until my fragile ego is beaten lower than a bow legged caterpillar and I eventually get to deadline with something I again think is good, but wish I had one more crack at.

It's always the same. I try to psych myself up that this time will be different. Maybe next time will be. Now, back to my baby, which I'm beginning to pitch around a bit and getting nothing but head shakes and sighs. Hey, it's not a commercial movie, but I've never cared about a project more. And when a story stays with you for years, it's something that needs to get out on paper.

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