Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I love the pretzels in the lobby of my building.  German salt I believe they're called, but they could be called German Hairballs for all I would care and I'd scarf them down 2x a week.  During the daytime, work-week, hours nothing makes my day more than when I indulge in one. 

So, today I was downstairs talking with one of the baristas as they warmed one up for me and I noticed they changed their entire set-up.  The George Foreman moved to the right side of the bar, and the coffee machine moved to the left side.  So, naturally, I tell her how much I hate change, because I'm a positive kinda guy.  Immediately she asks is I'm an earth sign.  "Like from astrology?"  She nods.  "I don't know.  I'm a Virgo."  She laughs.  Apparently, Virgos are earth signs and earth signs hate change.  We talk for a little while longer and I tell her that I have absolutely no idea what the heck a Virgo does or is.

So, I come back upstairs and start eating my pretzel.  Let me tell's goood.  But, I keep getting this nagging knot in the back of my brain.  So, I look up Virgos and start reading.  Half of which is true and half of which is false and another half is tomfoolery.  Bored, I start looking around the internet at all the other signs.  Let me tell you, there is a treasure trove of untapped inspiration when you look at this stuff.  Every sign has very detailed traits, and they don't get along with this sign, and love this other sign.  Here's a sample:

"Has a very keen and sharp intellect. They are methodical and extremely precise. Slow t make moves, as they analyse their knowledge, as to apply it usefully. They are practical and imaginative and develop skills that enable them to improve their being.

Some Negatives:
Can be obsessed with the idea of ‘order’. Can do and will do anything to achieve this. Known to be nagging and fault finding. Most have shy tendencies, are very introverted and self conscious. Having hypochondriac illusions."

Naturally I have characters brewing in my head, so I start looking through these signs trying to pull usable information for my own scripts and projects.  I highly recommend it.  Whether it's hogwash or insightful, it's great material.  Astrologists basically created 12 archetypal yet very human characters.  It's a gift from 2 thousand years ago. 

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