Tuesday, May 27, 2008


With the moving to LA, things are getting hectic. I have been writing, rewriting, and worrying like crazy. The thing about LA is, you have no more excuses. The past three years I've said that it's because I'm not in La, but now if I'm in LA there are no more excuses.

Also, we have finally received a budget for JBF and looking it over, we are not happy. We are logging all of the errors and problems in order to discuss with them at our next meeting. We hope that it will be productive and happen before I move to LA, but there is nothing that guarantees it.

The thing about dealing with independent producers, lawyers, or financiers is that nothing is quick. There are deadlines that are constantly blown, forcing x to happen when y should happen. We have probably blown 10-20 financial opportunities waiting for this budget, and when we received it we were very underwhelmed. Maybe of the sections were not complete, there were several sections that were ALLOWS instead of actual weekly numbers, and the detail in the sections was not adequate. To top it off, it was a budget I could have put together in 2 days, not 6 months. To top of the top off, there was no line item for a writer. I wrote the script, did 3 revisions and a polish, and there was NO line item for it. One of the many joys of independent production.

See, this is one of the reasons I am happy about LA. There is a professionalism about the town, I would hope. There are TV studios, Movie Studios, production companies, producers, and people who understand business.

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