Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Update and restarting the blog

I haven't done very much for the past few months. But here is an update.

-Jan 21--Fired from my job.

-Feb. 12--got m********d.

-Fed 21st-Meeting with B** ***k in P********h. Told to expect budget and such in March.

-March 29th- Got married for real. With the ring and everything.

-April 14th--Back from the honeymoon.

-April 15th--Still haven't gotten Budget.

-April 18th--Decide to write 8 specs, including three originals.

-May 1st--Still no budget. Got interest in Red Bicycle from 2 dc producers.

-May 10th--Karen got a job, and we're officially moving to LA on June 14th.

-May14--Released from Medical Care.

-May 17--final 8 specs right on time. Eat it everyone else.

-May 27th--Got budget, finally, which needs to be fixed heavily.

Now that I'm feeling better. I'm going to be blogging again, but not everyday, that's just stupid, but whenever I can.

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