Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting a job in LA

So, I am by no an expert at GETTING a job. But I have become an expert at finding where jobs are. To date, I've sent out about 800 resumes/query letters, etc. And has a grand total of 1 interview. However, i did find 800 jobs/companies. So, here's my beginner's guide to hollywood job search.

a-don't be underqualified.
b-don't be overqualified.
c-you are not qualified.

But, there are a lot of places to look (please, do not join one of those pay job search sites): (just the jobs section, not the gigs)
-studio websites (the biz)
-the Creative directory( Query, Query, Query)
-the UTA job list (Don't let anyone tell you it doesn't does)
-Networking Groups (Jeff Gund; to sign up) Try to hit up as many as possible as much as possible.
-Employment Agencies that specialize in Entertainment (, a good list of them I'm currently checking out).
-LA 411

It's really all about hitting the pavement. In my first week I made really good contacts, now this week I have to make more, and more, and more, and more. And that's how the game is played.

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