Tuesday, July 1, 2008

the infamous UTA job list

It is a myth, a legend, and an enigma of the production world. People will say it exists, others will deny it. That is, until you have the slightest brush with another in the industry. In two weeks in La, I get three different UTA job lists from three different sources. I have been offered by at least three others for them to get me the list.

Now, the benefit of the list isn't the executive jobs, it is the assistant jobs. Every industry player, big wig, small wig, and powdered wig puts their listing on this list. Only industry professionals get it, so they know it's going to be quality. Now, you can join the entertainmentcareers.net or variety biz, but for my money the UTA list is the best resource for all of us low on the totem pole readers, PAs, and assistants.

So, my advise is, don't let anyone tell you it doesn't exist, not that it's a big secret, because it does. If they won't give it to you, either they don't trust you, or you haven't asked...although I was offered all of my lists...

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amber said...

Im moving to LA to become a film set PA...so I can learn the industry more and hoepfully after I put my time in, move up. Ive always heard about the UTA list, but no one knows how do you get the list(s) sent to you? how do you become on the list serve? or how does it all work? Im dying to be sent the lists..any advice?