Thursday, July 3, 2008

So, I'm what?

As the posting states, This is all about what to do when you're in La. Once again, I'm not an expert, having no job, but as part of my networking experience , I talk to a lot of people. And in those talks, I've met with a lot of people who have had success, failure, and more success, and these are the things I've gleaned.

--Successful people fail...a lot. Everyone I've talked to had a moment when they thought about changing professions. Lots of them had to work demeaning, terrible, awful jobs before they got even the smallest break. All of them had sleepless nights when the wondered why they came to LA.

--The key to success is to Write/Act/Direct and prepare so when the moment comes, you will be able to hand that killer reel, wonderful script, or amazing movie to the producer and they will want to make you a success.

--Don't ever stop networking. It doesn't matter if you're tired, weak, sick, or hurt, networking is the only way people will know you are there.

There are thousands of failures out there who are incredibly talented, and they get burned out and go back home. Every day, lots of people come into LA, hoping they will be the next big things. And the same days, lots of them come back from LA with their tail between their legs because they didn't get their break.

I emailed a Show Runner this morning. I asked him how he got into the business, etc. etc. bullshit. And he was gracious enough to email me back.

"Dear Russell,

The key to the television business is writing.

Spec scripts are the only doorway in.

If you haven't gotten a spec script into the producers of a show yet ­ keep
plugging away at it. This is one of those deals where you have to constantly try, try again."

And there you have it...

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